A rough, high-octane fuck – Billy Rubens & Jacob Daniels


Hey, we all know bikers like to go fast – sometimes dangerously so – but Billy Rubens must be ready for some kind of record at the start of this scene when he steps on young bottle blonde, Jacob Daniels. Well, the ever-excitable Latvian has barely caught his breath to sit on his buddy’s bed before stepping out of his leather jacket and kissing Daniels on the lips! Yet, as any biker will tell you, there’s no point in hanging around – and before you know it, he’s openly stroking his mate’s cock, before launching into a very rigorous oral survey of Daniels’ most intimate quarters.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a turn of events that very quickly has his companion feeling hyper-aroused; and in no time at all, the fresh-faced blond eagerly reciprocates, feasting on Rubens’ knob and (no doubt) getting all horny and wet at the prospect of enjoying the full length of that beautiful, well-used phallus up his ass! A prospect the youngster doesn’t have to wait too long for, it has to be said. No surprise, given how quickly Rubens made his first move.

In fact, the guy from Riga is soon driving every inch of his cock deep into Daniels’ bowels – a move clearly appreciated by the dirty bottom, who then relishes rigorous penetration in a whole succession of positions! And it’s in keeping with the overall speed of proceedings that both guys are soon whipped to a creamy crescendo; culminating almost unquestionably in Rubens energetically creaming Daniels’ face!

Date: 16 May 2024