Andy Ford & Craig Keller


Fit boy Craig Keller tends to overdo it when he trains. He’s always pulling muscles and developing aches and pains. Again, with a cute friend like Andy Ford always ready to help and offer his therapeutic hands (and more), it’s entirely plausible that young Craig is using him as an excuse to start a BoyFun afternoon. As if he needed an excuse. Perhaps unsurprisingly, moments after making contact with Craig’s bare skin, Andy heads for the growing bulge in his boyfriend’s jeans. They’re both on the same wavelength, of course, neither is going to turn down the opportunity to enjoy a hard young cock and within moments, their impressive cocks are slipping between the lips as the pair pleasure each other. Craig’s post-workout goof is so juicy, Andy sucks and sucks his buddy with the skill of someone who’s gobbled up more than his fair share of juvenile erections in his time, but handsome Craig knows more than you think about delivering the same to a big, throbbing tool. Andy’s cock is one of the biggest, a long, thick sausage that his friend seems to love the taste of, but loves the sensation inside him even more. Craig has almost forgotten the discomfort he was originally in as he impales his pucker on the generous schlong raw, his cock bouncing with delight as he rides, driving it deeper from behind as he leans back on the sofa and ending up on his back , cum splashing from his hooded helmet to make a gooey mess on his abs. Andy soon joins him in climactic pleasure, leaning back and working his thick tool into his grip, pumping his hot cream into a delicious display

Date: 2 April 2024