Bjorn Nykvist & Ruben Bart


Europe is so romantic any time of year, but when temperatures plummet during the winter months, the opportunity to snuggle up with a friend and enjoy BoyFun for warmth only makes it more enjoyable. Big, chubby Bjorn Nykvist and his adorable friend Ruben Bart have just such a plan as they escape the cold streets for the comfort of his Bjorn’s apartment, kissing and making out from the moment they arrive. Within a minute, greedy boy Ruben demands a taste of his friend’s incredible cock, both undressing and exploring those bulges. Bjorn’s immense length is soon revealed and quickly slips into Ruben’s cute mouth for some sipping. An experienced young man, he knows how to handle a delicious length of uncut hard cock, even a big one like Bjorn’s! Perhaps his skill comes from the pleasure his incredible shaft gives him; the boy has his own thick, long cock to share with Bjorn when the roles are reversed. With both gorgeous young boners stretched and wet with pre-ejaculatory fluid and spit, Ruben offers his tight little asshole to his buddy, a challenge to which Bjorn is perfectly suited. Rubens huge cock swings and sways with every bounce as he rides his buddy’s naked length, sliding up and down Bjorn’s impressive shaft. Fucked face down on the floor, the boys finally take their pleasure in the comfort of the bed, spooning and thrusting deeply, making young Ruben squirt his thick cream from his huge cock as pleasure rushes through his slim body. With the boy’s cock exhausted and his own about to unload, Bjorn releases his naked tool to pump a generous mess of hot ball paste all over his friends, nuts and taint, ending their afternoon rendezvous. If there’s a better way for two boys to warm up on a winter’s day, we haven’t discovered it yet.

Date: 3 April 2024