Devin Lewis & Jared Shaw


If handsome personal trainer Jared Shaw arrived at your door looking for new clients, would you let him in? Actually, I don’t think you need to answer that question – of course you would! Devin Lewis seems to understand pretty quickly and realizes that the handsome young man may be looking for a little more than a new twink customer to take to the gym, and within moments, he invites the handsome guy inside. Credit where it’s due, they manage to fake it for a few minutes while Jared shows the young man a few moves, but with his shirt off and muscles rippling, it’s inevitable that Devin will make his intentions. clear and suggest BoyFun. Unsurprisingly, Jared is just as eager to explore and we have to wonder if all his current clients are with him for the same reason; with a few kisses and gropes he soon has Devin’s cock in his mouth! Pale, slender Devin contrasts perfectly with the fit young man, and it seems this guy likes his sex partners on the slim, twinky side, his own gorgeous uncut cock throbbing in those boxers as Devin pulls his pants down for a taste. . Exchanging stiff cocks and sucking each other’s precum, the two are soon ready for a good workout, with the lovely young man sliding his naked hole over the fit stud’s raw, uncut cock. Bouncing on his erection and taking him on his back with his legs in the air, Devin may be considering signing up for a weekly session, but when Jared takes the boy from behind and goes even further, the deal is definitely done. The slim young prospect starts squirting cum uncontrollably, drenching the leather seat with a flood of boy-paste, his crease massaging the bare pole of his beautiful top into his ass until Jared has to shoot his own milky mess all over that well-fucked rump! Jared may not have worked the boy in the traditional sense, but he’s definitely back for more practice.

Date: 29 March 2024