Jean Gilliam & Theodore Wright


Young twink Theodore Wright is back for another round in this delightful serving of cummy BoyFun with equally adorable little Jean Gilliam, and to say we’re transfixed would be an understatement.

Jean is enjoying a lazy moment on the sofa when her lovely friend arrives for a quick break. Nothing needs to be said before the two young, horny boys kiss and explore each other. It’s a tender, romantic and sweet moment as they kiss and play slowly, but their lustful needs soon take over when their clothes come off.

The young guys are truly magnificent, their smooth bodies revealed in all their athletic splendor, young Jean’s pale body contrasting perfectly with Theodore’s tanned complexion.

The cock play the boys enjoy is equally delicious and sensual, both sucking and clicking, fingering and kissing the other’s penis, playing with their erect thumbs until Theodore offers his naked little hole in a spooning position. With a little spit to ease his passage, Jean thrusts his raw cock deep, fucking her lover with slow, easy pumps.

Relieving his pucker on his friend’s magnificent uncut cock, young Theodore takes a rough ride, but it’s the pleasure of pumping into his hole while he lies back and enjoys the pleasure that really brings them to the happy conclusion that they’ve been working sensually… .

It’s a well timed end to their afternoon as Jean showers his buddy with fresh cum, triggering Theodore’s bulging boner to spit his own thick cream all over his body.

Could there be a better way to spend an afternoon with a friend? We don’t think so.

Date: 29 March 2024