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Usually, President Oaks is one of the gentler priests when it comes to boys. His reputation is that of a gentle, caring man who has only good in his heart. This makes him the perfect choice to accompany Elder Packer through the Covenant ceremony. Since he began his mission, all the men have taken special care to treat Packer with compassion and empathy because of his everyday vulnerability.

Something in Packer’s past has made him an emotional young man, and everyone can see it. As President Oaks watches Packer crawl across the floor toward him, he recalls his own struggles with his teenage emotions. He had just discovered his attraction to men, and he was afraid of being found out by his friends. He thought that if anyone knew, he’d be shunned and rejected. So he kept everything a secret, trying to hide his inner emotions anyway. However, due to the constant suppression, Oaks started having explosions.

Date: 6 May 2024