Bottoming for the first time on camera!


On the day of Friday, September 30, 2017, history was made when Shane Hall decided he wanted to experiment and found for the first time in a direct collaborative shoot with Holland House Studios. For Shane Hall, this venture was a testament to his confidence in Sammy Martin as a guide, as Shane had never hit rock bottom for a man until now.
As you may recall, Shane’s last visit ended in a way that both shocked and excited longtime fans, as Shane outran Sammy in streaming and on camera for the first time. This visit was absolutely no different, as the roles were reversed and those waiting for the full package can now call themselves happy.
The good news is that this video is being released today, right now! Due to the experimental nature of the action, Shane’s reactions are as raw as can be with this unique event; all captured beautifully and handled with great grace as Sammy Martin shows Shane Hall the ropes in a sixteen-minute climax of fan excitement, self-discovery and sheer intensity.

Date: 22 May 2024