Sean Ross & Jacob Dolce


Handsome boys Sean Ross and Jacob Dolce aren’t exactly hungry, at least not for the usual meals on offer around town. Their thirst for BoyFun, however, is very real.

As soon as the gorgeous boys return to the apartment, their lips meet in a sexy kiss on the couch, but although both are hesitant at first, their desires soon overflow.

Sean’s incredible pale, athletic body is revealed and his sexy young friend can’t wait to explore his hard cock, too. He’s waiting and ready for him, pink uncut flesh hard and wet with meadow while Jacob sucks and licks him.

It’s certainly not a one-sided affair, although fit young jock Sean is less experienced with boys as soon as he gets a taste of his buddy’s long juicy cock, he swallows it greedily, almost jerking the boy off with his lips from time to time.

But the real treat is yet to come. When sweet little Jacob leans back on the couch and offers up his cozy little hole, Sean relieves his stiff erection between those cheeks and pumps his naked tool. It doesn’t matter that he’s new at this, this naked little ass feels so good that he has to go slow to keep himself from exploding deep inside his friend.

Jacob is in heaven as he rides, his own cock bouncing as his fold slides up and down. As his friend nears the finish, he stretches out for one last thrust, his muscular friend’s rhythmic pumps sending his jerking cock into spasms as cum spurts from his hooded boner to splatter his tight abs.

That’s all young Sean needs. In a flash, his raw pink meat is in his hand and his thick white cream spreads over his buddy’s exhausted cock, bringing their lunchtime fuck to a gooey end.

Date: 27 March 2024