The team star receives a facial in the club locker room – Florian Mraz & Jace Reed


The beginning of this locker room scene is distinctly “ironic”, with Florian Mraz playing the role of a footballer accosted by his number one fan (Jace Reed). The joke, of course, is that Reed clearly doesn’t know where to draw the line when it comes to securing his young idol’s signature; and the fact that the action is filmed POV-style, perfectly capturing Mraz’s puppy-blue eyes as he looks up at the camera, only seems to further underscore the underlying humor.

Ultimately, though, this is porn, not a sit-com; and, after gleefully going through the first few minutes, we’re soon confronted with the sight of Mraz greedily feasting on the entire swollen length of Reed’s enormous cock. It’s a task he undertakes with typical relish – and one that clearly leaves him with an appetite for something more challenging. Accordingly, he soon climbs onto a bench and provocatively exposes his asshole as if begging to be filled – a wish that is all too quickly granted by Reed, whose face we never see.

Don’t be too disappointed in this regard, though. The fact remains that we get to see every magnificent inch of the boy’s most important part – although it’s true that he quickly slips easily into Mraz’s ass and fills the lucky boy to the max! From that point on, the young ass literally has the time of his life – highlighted finally by the almost unbelievable amount of cum spewing from his cock! Surpassed only by the tsunami of juice Reed sprays on his pretty face moments later.

Date: 30 April 2024