The blond janitor pays for his mistakes with his cute little ass


Lucas Mann made a big mistake. He arrived at Zack Hood’s apartment to clean, armed only with a mop and a bucket – and believe us when we tell you that Mr. Muscle is not happy at all! Not only that, though, but the cleaning agency also sent him to Hood’s address at the wrong time! Needless to say, Hood is on the warpath very quickly; and it’s not many minutes before young Mann begins to realize the price he’s going to have to pay to calm the fury of his excitable customer. Fortunately, the boy is clearly not averse to a little sex play with an older man; which is perhaps just as well, given that he’ll soon have to give the gym king’s chiseled cock a hard oral workout! A task he undertakes with obvious relish, perhaps hoping to satisfy Hood with a blowjob alone. What everyone realizes, however, is that a guy like Hood will never be happy with a quick suck. Indeed, it’s clear from the start that he’s more than just a little smitten with Mann’s boyish, blond looks; and after giving the boy a quick sip in return, he very quickly gets his guest on all fours so he can finger his tight little ass. This, of course, is just a taste of what’s in store for Mann, who is then promptly sodomized by the male without the slightest pleasure or thanks! To be fair, we never know how good this boy is at cleaning. What is revealed, however, is what a fucking cock demon he is – a boy who takes cock in a variety of positions before allowing Hood to cream his lips! Daddy-twink action has rarely been so hot!

Date: 17 May 2024