Young guy with long hair gets fucked like a bitch


If you have a soft spot – or should that be a hard spot? – for young twinks with long hair like Jeanne D’Arc, then you’re in for a treat. As did Chase Hunt when D’Arc arrived at Twink Republic Airways for an interview. The fact is, the horny interviewer can’t wait to see much more of this luscious brunette, and it’s not long before he’s pulling off D’Arc’s shirt to explore many more delights inside.

Needless to say, Hunt is a clear representative of the more feminine-looking youngster and soon feeds on her flesh with typical STAXUS enthusiasm; although in all honesty, he discovers an equally energetic counterpart in D’Arc, who’s clearly looking forward to having Hunt’s thick wand rammed down her throat. But of course, the real centerpiece of this interview will always be the fuck test, and if the potential employee can take cock like a man – excuse the pun! As such, it’s with almost a hint of suppressed desperation that Hunt finally forces the pretty boy up against the maintenance desk and rams his raw, uncut knob deep into D’Arc’s hungry little asshole.

Cue an absolutely fabulous coupling that ends up with both guys climbing onto the table and mating like a couple of wild beasts in heat! So it’s probably no surprise that the two guys are soon on the point of no return, with D’Arc spraying on his own belly and Hunt completing the performance by squirting the contents of his hairy ball sack all over D’arc. Arc’s face. As interviews go, certainly one for the memory book!

Date: 4 April 2024